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Pause in the blog

Move to Manchester: jobs, a house, a baby!


Blog continued after a rather lengthy delay! The visit of the Findlers meant that there was a lot to be written about and we knew we’d be pestered until we got it up... We were on the last leg of our trip and starting to apply for jobs and before we knew it the blog was a long forgotten. I write the remainder of these posts from our lounge in Manchester while our 6 month old daughter Sylvie is asleep. How life has changed! Detail is going to be a little scant from here on in. We’ll let the photos do the talking.


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Bloors on Tour

Less than 2 week until we fly and five and a half work days left (not that we're counting down).

Our trip has made complete sense to some, been seen as a mid-life crisis by others or been met with general indifference (my friends aren't the most expressive bunch). Our plan is to put off settling down for a few more years, to see the world and hopefully have some interesting times along the way...

This blog is mainly aimed at letting you all know what we're up to and where we're doing it. Hopefully it will provide some interest and if it doesn't; nobody is forcing you to read! I'm sure that it will be obvious who is posting: I do not condone what Sophie writes, though I stand up for her right to write it and I'm sure she will the same of me...

Our rough expected itinerary looks like this:

June - Sri Lanka / Cambodia
July - Cambodia / Vietnam
August - China
September - Jordan / Israel / Turkey
October - Greek Islands
November - Japan
December- Malaysia / Philippines
January - Philippines
Feb-Mar - Borneo, Burma & Indonesia
Apr - New Zealand

Do call ahead, but I'm sure we'd love to see you out there so get organising your trip...

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