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May 2014

Sri Lanka,Galle

Crazy fort jumpers

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sri lanka- galle

Finally,it's my turn to have the blog (Sophie here).

We arrived in Galle and spent most of our first day sleeping and getting used to the humidity...its soooo hot! After a good nights sleep we ventured out to have some breakfast (Jason fancied some food at last). Galle is made up of an old fort and inside its walls there's peace,boutique shops & hotels,art galleries and beautiful restaurants so found a lovely balcony cafe overlooking the sea to have some food. We have discovered we love the fresh lime juices you can get out here,so refreshing.

We then spent the day wandering around the fort,browsing the galleries and shops and stopping for the odd drink or two. As soon as you leave the fort walls you are in the hustle and bustle of real Sri Lankan life;markets,local fisherman,tuktuks,lots of smiley faces. The local people are so friendly and smiley,they just want to say "hello" and smile to greet you. We were relaxing on the fort wall,where there was a refreshing cool sea breeze,when a young group of teenage boys came over all smiley and giggley. All of a sudden one of them had jumped off the fort wall and into the sea below...it looked so dangerous. They asked Jason to take photographs of them and he got some great shots of them mid-air. The locals have all been very welcoming so far.

This evening we headed back into the fort to get some food and followed the music. There's the start of a music festival here by the Galle cricket ground;although officially it doesn't start until a couple of days time. It was a bit odd really; lots of young lads dancing,some people boxing in a mini arena with no clear winner and I felt like an alien being ginger and luminous white. Jason made a couple of local friends and they offered to buy him beer (although he declined because he's sticking to his teetotal Sri Lankan trip).

Back at the guest house now and gonna get an early night because heading to mirissa beach early tomorrow morning.

Overall,Galle is well worth a visit and would recommend to anyone for a couple of nights stay.

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safely to Bombay...

5 toilet visits and counting...

1401393061353.jpgPretty shattered, but so far so good. Sophie assures me the food was good, even finished with a choc ice.

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Bye for now...

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We're off...

After a mentally and physically (for me anyway) exhausting couple of weeks, we're finally sat in the departure lounge!

I have promised to give a warts-and-all account so that we don't make people too jealous... We finally got all of our jobs out of the way, the mini was sold, banks dealt with and work finished. Unfortunately my body decided to give me some practice in surviving deli belly... I've spent many hours shivering and sweating in bed and had over 20 toilet visits in 2 days. The worrying thing is that my next meals will be Sri Lankan curries, renowned for being incredibly hot... Updates on that to follow!

We've both had a great time meeting up with friends and family over the last few months. Going away and planning who we wanted to see made us take stock of the great people in our lives and many have gone the extra mile to spend time with us. We'll miss you all and will be keeping in touch. X

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Bloors on Tour

Less than 2 week until we fly and five and a half work days left (not that we're counting down).

Our trip has made complete sense to some, been seen as a mid-life crisis by others or been met with general indifference (my friends aren't the most expressive bunch). Our plan is to put off settling down for a few more years, to see the world and hopefully have some interesting times along the way...

This blog is mainly aimed at letting you all know what we're up to and where we're doing it. Hopefully it will provide some interest and if it doesn't; nobody is forcing you to read! I'm sure that it will be obvious who is posting: I do not condone what Sophie writes, though I stand up for her right to write it and I'm sure she will the same of me...

Our rough expected itinerary looks like this:

June - Sri Lanka / Cambodia
July - Cambodia / Vietnam
August - China
September - Jordan / Israel / Turkey
October - Greek Islands
November - Japan
December- Malaysia / Philippines
January - Philippines
Feb-Mar - Borneo, Burma & Indonesia
Apr - New Zealand

Do call ahead, but I'm sure we'd love to see you out there so get organising your trip...

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