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Maumere, Flores, Indonesia


We'd left Moni in the morning without a plan, we just knew that we could get to Maumere on the coast and then decide if we wanted to stay there or move on once we got there. There's supposed to be a nice stretch of sand along the east coast from Maumere where you can do some diving and it also had an airport in case we wanted to fly back to Bali.

Flores island had had really bad or no internet connection so far. I knew my mum would be worrying. We had no phone, no internet and we'd missed Mother's Day back at home...we were bound to be in bad books. Our first priority when getting to Maumere was to find an internet connection to let family know we were safe and well.

We got dropped off at the only backpacker accommodation in town (I can't remember the name). We walked in and walked straight back out again; it felt like a prison, had mouldy walls and unfriendly staff. There was a frustratingly slow internet room a short walk away so we went in there to try and contact home... snails pace internet made it only possible to send one quick email to our parents and then we gave up on anything else.

We had no way of searching for other accommodation in the area and no way of getting onwards flight tickets... hhmmm, what to do? We saw a small sign on the opposite side of the road from the internet room advertising an airline company, so thought it was worth a try. It turned out to be a lifesaver! A really friendly guy named Roland and his colleague booked some flight tickets for us the next day back to Bali. They also had free internet connection that we used to try and establish a bit more of a travel plan.

Not only did they help to organise our flight tickets for no extra fee, they also took Jason out on a motorbike to find accommodation for the evening. We ended up with a budget room a walk away from the airport and a stones throw away from the sea... just what we needed. In fact, Roland and his colleague seemed to be arguing about who should drive us to the hotel, they both wanted to help out so much. We offered to buy him a drink for his services, but he politely declined and stated that it should be him who buys us a drink because we are a guest in his country. In return all he asked for was a photograph with us... we kindly obliged.

I'm afraid we only took one photograph of our day in Maumere and unfortunately none of the friendly Roland. We had a little bit of time to grab some food from a local cafe before catching an early night ready for our flight the next morning. Sometimes, usually when you least expect it, there's a good Samaritan with a friendly smile to help you on your way. Thank you Roland!


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