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Langkawi, Malaysia

Sun, sea, sand, jet ski, birthday, gin...


At last, some beach time! We were all looking forward to relaxing on the white sand and Sam was extremely keen to rock his beach body. A taxi took us straight to our hotel, which we'd already booked on our previous visit to Langkawi a few weeks ago.

Within a couple of minutes we'd been introduced to our neighbours, Annie and Jamie, who bought us all out a can of Skol beer from their fridge as a welcome drink. They couldn't have timed it any better. We sat out enjoying our beers and chatted to our new neighbours, who turned out to be real characters. There was some debate amongst us over their age but I reckon they were in their 70s, they'd travelled all over the world, both had the tanned leathered skin of sun worshippers, and Jamie looked like a roadie from the Rolling Stones (long, perfectly blond sleeked hair). There was a lot of man love for Jamie!


The evening was getting on a bit and we'd missed sunset, so instead went straight out for some food at the restaurant we'd loved on our last visit to the island. We bought a bottle of Tanquarey gin for the table and enjoyed a feast of prawn fritters, rotis, beef rendang, chicken curry and prawn curry... the evening got off to a very good start!

We then walked along to the beach and enjoyed a few drinks on the bean bags. It was a very civilised evening of wine and good chat... that was until sand wrestling got underway... Boys will be boys! Rich rugby tackled Jason to the ground, but unfortunately Jason retaliated and turned him into a sand monster. J had managed to get sand in his ears, eyes, beard, I'm sure all sorts of crevasses... I was trying to brush it off him and Tom was dowsing him in water to help (although that appeared to make Rich's eyes worse). I think it was all taken in good humour...


The next day was a lazy day of sunbathing, swimming, eating, sunbathing, drinking, snoozing... very relaxing. There's not much else to report from the day, but we did have a nice evening at Jam Rock (a new bar on the beach with sunset views). We enjoyed a few cocktails, watched the sun go down, listened to an acoustic set (with King Kong as backing dancer) and ordered some bbq food. The food looked really good and we were looking forward to a feast. Unfortunately I think there were some teething problems; Tom had to send back his raw fish, Sam's steak was tough, mine and Jason's food was cold and missing items and it all arrived at odd times. We politely complained and eventually our food came back a lot better. We certainly couldn't complain about the setting, a perfect wooden beach bar (still partly under construction), nice vibe and chilled atmosphere. Satisfied with our food we got up to pay and were told by a friendly Malaysian guy that we didn't need to pay for any of our food and 'sorry' for the problems... Winner! Although it was a bit tight on Rich because he paid for his BBQ burger up front, which was very average and he didn't complain, so ended up being the only one to pay for food that night.


Happy Birthday Richard! Me, Jason and Tom got up early and went for a morning swim in the sea, a really lovely start to my day! We gave Tom a few pointers on his swimming; relax the arm stroke out of the water and slow down the kick; and guess what...he looked a professional. We then met Sam and Rich for a massive breakfast at one of the bigger hotels near to our rooms. We only paid £2 for an all you can eat breakfast and it even included baked beans... amazing! I'm sure the establishment were keeping an eye on Sam as he worked his way through all the banana loaf that was on offer.

The day was of Rich's choice; boat trip, swimming, motorbikes, snorkelling? He, alongside the others, decided on a day of sunbathing and bat & ball. After a morning of sunbathing we thought Rich might want his first Birthday beer of the day so went to a Mexican restaurant for their happy hour and we all wore Mexican party hats to get Rich in the Birthday spirit (I think Jason could get away with being a Mexican... don't you?)


We also treated ourselves to a bottle of wine, picnic style in plastic cups, on the beach.


I don't know what it is with the boys, but they love bat & ball... they even went on a lengthy hunt to find a shop that sold them. I've never played tennis with Sam, but Jason tells me that he's got a vicious slice and this seems to be the case with bat & ball as he broke the bat. Sam you're very competitive. There are some cracking action shots.


I'd had a lot of sun time and feared I was looking like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, so left the boys to their game and got ready for a night out. We went back to the same restaurant in the evening as it was 'bring your own' and splashed out on a bottle of bubbly for the birthday boy. It was to be another evening of drinking... my liver needs more time than this to recover. We went to a couple of bars and then on to the only club on the island, Sun Bar. It was the strangest place but seemingly very popular as it was busy, it gave us a chance to have a Birthday boogie anyway.

It was quite late when we got up the next day and we were all in the mood for another Mexican fix to help us with our hangovers. The portions are massive and I'm a particular fan of their chimichanga and lemon & mint drinks. I think it was just what the doctor ordered. The only other thing we got up to was sunbathing, bat & ball and general beaching around.


In the evening we went to a seafood restaurant that was jam packed with customers, so we had high hopes for our food. We should have known to walk out straight away when it took so long to organise a table and then when the waitress took no interest in taking our order. I quite like the loud shouting and hectic food haunts in Asia, however I think some people found the screaming in their vicinity a bit too much. The boys debated whether or not to try a lobster, but in the end went for shared crispy squid starters, with Sam having crab as a main dish and Tom and Rich ordering fish. We waited...and waited... and waited for our order. We watched other people give up and leave the restaurant in frustration at waiting. We hung on in there and eventually, after 90 minutes, got some of our food delivered to the table. We all felt really bad for Sam, he was really looking forward to his seafood meal for the evening and his plate of crabs were virtually inedible; just scraps of claws with no meat in them. In the end he gave up and shared the fish from our orders, which were too huge for person to manage themselves anyway. I'd just like to say now that me and Jason had a lovely meal at this place, but I think the mood had been hampered by poor service and others inadequate meals. It then got worse when we bought it to the waitresses' attention and said we wanted the service charge taking off the bill. There were lots of debating, lots of staring and in the end shouts of frustration from the waitresses that they would have to foot our bill to the owner. By the end of the meal we just wanted to get out of there and me and Jason retired to our bed. I guess you can say "you win some, you lose some"...

It was our last day in Langkawi and the main activity of the day was jet skiing! Eek! Jason and his mum did it a few weeks ago and the video of them looked so much fun... well this time it was my turn. Luckily I was partnered with Sam, as Toms experience was 'wet' to say the least. I'm sorry Sam, I know I was timid, but I was so scared of the power the jet ski had and you seemingly drive it with very little control at very high speed. I think Sam may also have suffered from a burst ear drum from my screaming the entire time. How I stayed on the jet ski is a mystery, Sam went full pelt through the waves and all I could do was cling on for dear life. It was such good fun, better than any ride at Alton Towers, and I'd recommend it to anyone. As for Tom's experience...we all jested him when he tied swimming goggle bands around his sunglasses before getting on the jet ski, but he definitely needed them with Rich's driving. I couldn't stop laughing at his cob when we returned to the shore "Rich did me a over...I can't believe he chucked me off the back of it"... he was soaked but at least he still had his sunglasses on his head. As for Rich, he was beaming from ear to ear.


There was just time for one last meal at the Malaysian 'bring your own' restaurant... and yes, it was another table full of food. I must admit this time there was a bit of confusion with our order and the restaurant service was a little lax, but you can't grumble at what you get for your money... the food is delicious and our bottle of gin went down a treat. Rather too well for some...Rich had to retire early to sleep it off while I enjoyed a few prosecco cocktails in a bar. There was one last giggle from Langkawi...that was Rich locking out Sam and Tom from their room and then being unable to open the door to let them back in...I was in fits of giggles (maybe the prosecco bubbles had gone to my head).


Note: there was a lot of drinking, but it's a must when staying on a duty free island!

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Lovely photos. Glad Jason and I weren't the only ones to fall off a jet ski !! Xxx

by mutsi

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